Hunt for the Golden Turtle


Terrapene ornata, Chrysemys picta,  

Sternotherus odoratus, and the ferocious Chelydra serentina –  

we are all family and we love a good picnic! 

“Hard-boiled bugs for breakfast,

hard-boiled bugs for lunch. 

Hard-boiled bugs for suppertime, crunchy!  

Crunchy! Crunch!” 


CLUE #1 

Oh, how the summer breeze flits off my carapace;

A perfect muse.

"With protective shell and leathery face,

He travels at a perfect pace.

Some may say the turtle is slow,

But carrying your house isn't easy, you know!"

I'm here to stay, it's just the right way.



 Hunters beware!  The Golden Turtle hides only on Public Property.  Since turtles are cautious creatures, they avoid dangerous and hazardous locations; you would never catch a Golden Turtle lurking around the Sewer Plant.  Lastly, the Village of Turtle Lake provides such a wonderful habitat for golden turtles that they do not leave the Village limits.


** Weekly Clues will be posted in upcoming issues of The Times and Facebook

Hunters, please bring the Golden Turtle to Village Hall to claim your prize, weekdays, 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.**