Skinaway Lake Park
Boat Landing

Skinaway Lake

This lake is primarily surrounded by year-round residents and forests.

Size:  37 acres
Max. Depth:  10 feet
Mean Depth:  Not Available
Common Fish:  Panfish
Other Present Fish:  Largemouth Bass

Skinaway Lake Recreational Park is located off of Rustic Road 67 north of Turtle Lake.  The park offers a picnic shelter, ample parking, grills, restroom facilities throughout May-October, and trails and camping areas along the waterway.  This park has recently been expanded upon with these accommodations in hopes that residents and visitors find the park as a scenic escape and take advantage of the recreational possibilities.

Skinaway Lake offers boating opportunities for non-motorized crafts.  Wind through the waterways in a canoe or kayak.  Drop a line and try stringing a pan fish- crappies, bluegills, sunfish, pumpkin seeds are a few of the available varieties.

Camping is also available at the Park by written permission from Village Hall.  Be sure to contact us in advance.