Frequently Asked Questions


 What are the Village Hall Hours?

What are the Hours for Village Hall?
The Village Hall is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. We are closed major holidays.



 Do I Need a Permit for a Recreational Fire?

Do I Need a Permit for a Recreational Fire?

Within the Village of Turtle Lake:
During Conditions where a Burn Ban is NOT in place, no permit is required for burning within a campfire ring, three (3) feet in diameter; and no garbage or cardboard may be burned.

OPEN BURNING is NOT ALLOWED without a Burning Permit. Burning Permits are issued by select members of the Turtle Lake Fire District. Residents outside the Village Limits may visit the WI DNR's website regarding Burning Permits and see the Current Fire Danger by clicking on the following link:

Contact Turtle Lake Fire Department for Open Burning Permits:


 Who Do I Contact to Rent a Park Shelter?

Park Shelter Rental
Picnic shelters are available for residents and visitors upon reservation with Village Hall. These shelters are perfect for group picnics, family reunions and graduation parties!

Three different shelters are available and have different accommodations. A fee is charged for each event. Please call or stop in to the Village Hall to reserve your shelter. 715-986-2241


 Why Did I Get a Parking Ticket?

Parking Tickets
More than likely you received a parking ticket for parking on a city street between November 15 - April 1st between the hours of 3 AM & 7 AM. Due to the possibility of snow needing to be plowed during these times, no vehicle is allowed to park on the street over night. The Turtle Lake Police Department will ticket you and may also have you towed if your vehicle is blocking snow plows from doing their duty.

Unpaid Parking Tickets
Parking tickets must be paid or contested immediately to the court or police department. If tickets are left unpaid, fine will increase to $50. If still unpaid after 30 days, your registration of your vehicle WILL BE SUSPENDED.

 Pipeline Public Awareness

Pipeline Safety
We want our public and emergency officials to know about pipelines in our community. If you have any questions on what to do when it comes to pipelines in your community call 811 or visit DIGGERS HOTLINE for any questions you may have. 
~ Contacts ~ 
811 or 1-800-242-8511
# 1-888-218-9530

 Why Did My Taxes Get Intercepted?

Tax Interecept
More than likely your taxes have been garnished due to an unpaid court citation(s). The court will send a letter to the defendant prior to their taxes being intercepted notifying them that their taxes will be garnished to pay outstanding fines.

The defendant has ten days once the letter is received to contest the matter with the court. If the matter is not resolved or paid upon the time the defendant files taxes, all or part of the taxes will be intercepted to pay the outstanding balance due to the court.
It is important for the defendant to make sure the court has a current mailing address to receive correspondence. The court will use the address that was listed on the defendant's citation unless otherwise indicated by defendant.