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Yum, wild greens are my favorite!
Yum, wild greens are my favorite!

Tucked away in the Northwest woods of Wisconsin you'll find us among lakes, rivers, rolling hills, fields, wetlands and trees, lots of trees. If you listen closely enough, you can hear the birds chirping, the whisper of the breeze...Look closely and see a mother deer frolicking with her spotted fawn, or otters playing in the water. Let yourself go and feel the serenity that this amazing landscape brings.

You will find a wide variety of recreational possibilities. To make life easier, we have also provided all the contact info at your fingertips to help plan a stay with us. The Community Calendar will help direct you to the various events taking place this season.

When you think of Wisconsin, you probably think: Dairy Sate. True. We are that and so much more. In Turtle Lake, we have plenty to tantalize your senses. Our area is covered with many scenic waterways such as lakes and streams. Wisconsin, more trees than people, guaranteed.

We look forward to your visit, and we hope you will enjoy your stay!

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